1.) How old are you? (if you don't feel comfortable saying that is okay it is helpful for us to know though)
I am 14 years old
2.) How long have you been playing factions? I have been playing factions for about 3 years now
3.) Have you been a staff member on any other servers, if so which ones and what ranks?
I have been helper on Stellar and another server called NarcoWars
4.) What rank on Stellar MC are you?
I am Currently Star Rank
5.) How long have you been playing Stellar MC/North Star Network if you ever played on there?
I have Played on StellarMC for a little over 1 season
6.) What is your discord?
My discord is Saru#3127
7.)What would you do if someone was advertising?
If someone was advertising I would mute them permanently or get a higher staff member that can ban them or ip-ban them so they cant come back either way they will be punished by me or higher authority
8.) What can you bring to the staff team that can help the staff team become better?
I can bring help to all players and staff members too that need help doing things I can help find bugs and try my best to help fix bugs if possible I can also try my best to keep the staff team close together so we all know what's going on with the server and with the players on the server
9.) What can you bring to the Server as a result of being on the staff team that can benefit the server overall?
Like I said above I can bring help to all players and other staff members I can test anything needing to be tested I can keep al players up to date with any new rules or things added to the server to make it safer for kids or anyone who joins the server my main priority is to keep the server nice and tidy along with the other staff on the staff team I would love to help out again with the server
10.) What do you bring that is unique to you that would encourage the staff team to choose you as a candidate
I bring different techniques to deal with irresponsible players that don't know how to fallow rules or listen to staff I can also offer many different ways to find bugs and glitches that need to be fixed or try my best to find exploits that need to be fixed as soon as possible so the economy isn't broken on the server
Thank you all as a staff team and a player base to decide to bring me back to the staff team :)