I know I may not be everyone's favorite staff member but I enjoy the game and Stellar Servers.
I am commuted to being here and being active as much as possible. I am also grateful for the opportunity
to help out in any way I am able. I hope this app is not looked at like I am being presumptuous about anything
as I try to never assume. Please consider me for a Mod position on both SKyblock and Survival. These are the
two servers I enjoy the most. The only thing I am good at on Factions is loosing all my stuff and dying....
Thank you both for your time and trust.

1.) How old are you?
if you truly want to know I can offer this information upon personal request.

2.) How long have you been playing factions?
I am in UnderRated and have been on Factions sense the new map.

3.) Have you been a staff member on any other servers, if so which ones and what ranks?
I have been; Chat Mod (Helper), Mod and Admin on Keinett Servers. Both Skyblock and Survival. If you need a ref Rushnett is the owner and I can put you in direct contact with him.

4.) What rank on Stellar MC are you?
I am Mage on Skyblock and hold the #1 Island, (Helper)
I am [ii] on Survival, working my way to [iii], (Helper)

5.) How long have you been playing Stellar MC/North Star Network if you ever played on there?
I would have too say close to two months now, or just before the Hack...

6.) What is your discord?
eXeSeV (Excessive)

7.)What would you do if someone was advertising?
Ask them not to, lol
This could go further but you asked it simply. So I answered simply.

8.) What can you bring to the staff team that can help the staff team become better?
Experience as a minecraft staff member sense 2014.

9.) What can you bring to the Server as a result of being on the staff team that can benefit the server overall?
I can help reduce the amount of time you both put in watching and monitoring the servers I play on.
I have experience in web and form maintenance, back end administration.
I have set up and ran servers from Halo to Cod4 and WaW.
I know some of the plugins you are running are a little different than ones I have helped manage in the past
but I have a good head on my shoulders and pick things up quick.

10.) What do you bring that is unique to you that would encourage the staff team to choose you as a candidate?
A good attitude, experience, willingness to do things your way (even if we don't see eye to eye), creativity, Ideas and
a smile most of the time...