XxPermaxX posted Feb 2, 18

Stellar Mc 1.8+- ip:play.stellarmcnow.com

Joinable for all players cracked or premium!

Live chats MC server to discord  

Click here to join Discord!

Vote Top 

Vote Top can be won on each server, and every month!

Vote Winners are rewarded with store credit codes to spend anywhere on the stellar store!

Thanks for Voting, and supporting the server!

Faction 2019 EOTW March 23rd 2019!!

Factions Spawners MUST be out of your PV and Enderchests by March 17th 11am PST

Factins FTOP will be taken exactly at 10am PST March 23rd!

Factions EOTW FFA pvp Event will be Held at 11am March 23rd @10am pst-the server will then become whitelisted. After the EOTW King is Chosen all Bases will be unclaimed, Spawn and warp PVP will be able to be blown up! OOOOOOOOooooooo FUN!

Ftop Payouts!

Ftop1 - $75 Cad Paypal or 200 Store Credit!

Ftop 2 - $100 Store Credit

 Ftop 3 - $50 Store Credit


• Brand new customized spawn and warp pvp!

• 30 Man Factions

• New and more balanced custom enchants

• Better Genbuckets

• Horizontal genbuckets

• Pusedo Gen Buckets to fix those nasty holes!


• New King Of The Hills

• MCMMO Rankups

• Custom Made Duel Maps

• New G-Kits

• Better Cannoning

• Tough economy

• Epic Hoppers

• Sell Wands

• Craft Wands

• Great crate Rewards

• Harverster Hoes

• Protection 5 Maxed

• Custom mob drops

• Printer for cannons 

•Mob/Player Head Hunters

•Sell player heads for part of there Balance!

★Vanilla Survival

★Simple Kits

★Updated crates

★Epic Plugins

★ Player shops

★ Custom Enchanted crate coming soon!


★-Just Reset March 12/2019

Epic Skyblock Plugin

Custom made Skyblock islands

Build up to live in the Nether or the End!

Epic Staff on Stellar Mc!

★ XxPermaxX-Owner

★ TeamHR-Co Owner,Admin,Dev

★ ExeSev-Jr.Admin

★ Cabo0o-Moderator

★ Good Herbs- Helper

★ Cerise/Pipper2 -Builders/Helpers

★ Helper- iiryan

★ Helper- Noblesuntzu

★ Community Manager- Shezz

If you need help on any of the gamemodes please don't hesitate to ask any of our staff. 

If you would like to become part of the Stellar Staff look onto forums for Staff Requirements thank-you!

★ ★ ★ 

★ ★