XxPermaxX posted Feb 2, 18


Stellar is NOW open to cracked players!

★September Voting

1st ~ Cabo0o,Cerise and Peppermintt

2nd ~ BionicMCFan,Pipper2 and Akky

3rd ~ Hungry_Gecko

Thanks to  to the top Voters of the Month you guys are great voters keep it up!

Vote Top can be won on each server, and every month!

Vote Winners are rewarded with store credit moneys to spend anywhere you want!

Please make sure you are voting on the server where you would like the keys and for the votes to count.

Happy Voting, and thanks for supporting the server!

Faction Top 2018-2019

 Become the Winning Faction and recieve great rewards!
Faction winnings are given to the leader of each Faction, Let's hope your goo to your leader so maybe he/she will share with you!

Faction top 1- $150 paypal $75 credit

Factions top 2- $50 Store credit

Factions top 3- $25 Store credit

Good luck to all the Factions!

★New Stuff★

WHATS that a new map and ranks are about to be released yeasssssssssssss !!




★Custom Made Duel Maps

★Great Vote Rewards

★Mcmmo Rank ups

★More crates!!!


★Warp Pvp

★Updated crates

★  Skyblock 

★Warp Pvp 

★In game rank purchases


★Stellar loot drops

Join our Discord for live chat right to game, Fun competitions and plenty to talk to !

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★Did you have a NSN rank? Please let XxPermaxX know and we will re add you to a rank of the similar value on StellarMC★

★ ★ ★ 

★ ★