XxPermaxX posted Feb 2, 18


Stellar is Joinable for all players,cracked or premium!

Vote Top Winners 

Vote Top can be won on each server, and every month!

Vote Winners are rewarded with store credit codes to spend anywhere!

Voting gives keys in each gamemode, maybe sell them for some sweet stuff on the server you like to play on?

Happy Voting, and thanks for supporting the server!

Faction Top 2018-2019

Factions EOTW was scheduled for Nov.24th/2018 There was alot of competition on the server! Sadly it ended abruptly with a unknown person deleting everything we all worked hard to get to. I can't explain how devisatated we are to not let you guys see EOTW or to Battle with your VERY hard earned and worked for gsets, i wish you guys would have got to use them....

With that said We will not have a FTOP WInner this Map 2.
Id like to note that between midnight and underrated it was going to be a very close battle between us for ftop

Map 3 is Not very far away and we are VERY excited to release it to the Stellar Members, Myself and Harry are hard at work at getting everyting back to what it was before this tragedy occured to us. Thank you for sticking with us
and we cannot wait to see you all for Map 3 as well as
a skyblock update and reset along with Survival!

please be patient with us as we are hard at work getting everything ready, if we do not reply to you right away we are just busy thank-you

Good luck to all the Factions on SOTW for Map 3!

★New Stuff★

WHATS that a new map and ranks are about to be released yeasssssssssssss !!


★ Multiple Outpost

★New G-Kits

★Better custom enchants

★Custom Made Duel Maps
★ New Spawn and PVP for Factions

★Great Vote Rewards

★Mcmmo Rank ups


★Warp Pvp

★Updated crates

★No griefing

★ Completely Vanilla


★Warp Pvp 

★In game rank purchases


★Stellar loot drops

Welcome New Staff!

★EbelAngel -Helper



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★Did you have a NSN rank? Please let XxPermaxX know and we will re add you to a rank of the similar value on StellarMC★

★ ★ ★ 

★ ★