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  Global Rules (server and website)

  • Be respectful
    Use common sense
    NO hacking, being caught hacking is a 15 day ban I like to give you a chance don't mess it up...
    Factions Alt limit is 3 (updated)

    These are In Game Factions rules:
    ★No Griefing
    ★Refusing to Screen share (ss) with a staff member is 16 day ban
    ★Admitting to hacks before the SS starts is a 7 day ban
    ★Being caught with hacks by a staff member is an immediate 15 day ban
    ★ Insiding Is Illegal
    ★Tp killing is bannable by 15 days
    ★No Spamming
    ★No Advertising
    ★No Cursing
    ★No Trolling/Flaming
    ★No Banned Items
    ★No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
    ★Respect all Players
    ★Obey Staff
    ★No Racist or Sexist Remarks.
    ★No Hacks
    ★No Full Caps Messages
    ★No Redstone Clocks that will lag the server
    ★Do not ask for staff position in game.
    ★Do not abuse any bug please report it and receive a gift.
    ★A maximum of 4 accounts per IP-each one after this will result in a perm
    ★5 zig mod is okay!
    ★No water/lava chests! (directly on the chests is not allowed)
    ★Follow staff instructions in all situations, or it might result in a WARNING,MUTE,KICK or BAN.
    ★Sexual content is not allowed on our server, make sure you dont spam or post the non safe or inappropriate contents in channels.
    ★Do not advertise your Discord server(s), media streaming accounts,social media accounts or any other link on this server or in our members' private messages without a permission from our staff or a role that allowes you to.
    ★As this is an English-based server, please keep English as the primary language.
    ★Keep conversations and posts relevant to their respective channels, just to have the server clean
    ★If you see or hear any offensive or disturbing material, or someone breaking these rules, make sure to report it to our staff and they will make sure to do their best to help you.
    ★Don't argue with staff."
    ★Bounty Hunters, if you are found collecting your own bounty on a player it will result in a 7 day ban.ex:put a bounty on cabo0o, i can track him to find and kill him and thus collect my own bounty and find his bases...Not ALLOWED!
    ★No racism (if found it will be an instant mute but can lead up to a ban)
    ★No excessive harassment/bullying ( we do not support any type of harrassment over here )
    ★Don't abuse the bots ( they can be abused in the #bot-commands channel )

    ★★★★★You can let us know for a youtuber tag if you have 50+ subscribers.★★★★★

    ★Illegal Raiding/Homes-1d-5=15days
    Using or setting a home in someone's base (even if never used): 1d
    ★If you are leader and you know people have homes in your base, if you ask them to remove them they must remove them, if they don't remove their home or refuse too, it is bannable by 7 days....
    ★Using enderpearls to glitch through SOLID BLOCKS (enderpearling through half slabs, holes in walls, and other non-solid blocks is allowed)
    ★Players raided by illegal means to do so: 3-5d depending on severity
    ★Flying in enemy territory is allowed.
    ★If the owner of the faction asks you to remove your homes you must!
    ★ Joining a faction to just inside them is bannable
    ★Claiming to have hacks and pretending so will lead to permanent BAN.